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December 29, 2014 1 comment

After watching the game last Sunday Live, I am now (mor than ever) convinced the Defense is officially Broken.  They cannot seem to play both Pass and Run Defense.  The team looked flat at the onset and in the second half they look distracted or disinterested at best.  We now know from South Florida reports Mike Wallace might have had a little something to do with it.  He was troubled by the fact he was targeted only once during the first half.  This is why the Steelers let him go to begin with.  Can you say cancer?

His reputation with the Steelers was if he did not get in the game early he would not play the rest of the game.  That is exactly what he did.  Literally he took himself out of the game.  He is happy only when he is the focal point!  Brian Hartline was having a career game in the First half from my perspective and I guess Mike Wallace does not like the decoy role.  I say let him go!  We do not need that selfish attitude!  I did not like the pickup from the get go!

What we need is to fix the Defense!  But how?  Is it coaching?  Is it personnel?  Is it personality?  I think it is a little of all three.  I do not believe our current coaching staff can make a in-game difference…  Head coach or coordinator.  Decker was lighting up the D  in the passing game on Grimes (who had him ma on all game)  I sure there was, but, I do not remember a time in the game where Grimes had any help in coverage on the big plays to Decker.  Also, there was a lot of confusion in the Defensive Backfield.  that can be attributed to personnel and missed assignments.  Coyle may be OK with personnel that fit his schemes.  However, I do not believe Coyle can match a scheme to fit his personnel.  This is why I believe Coyle must go.  Also, i believe Philbin must go.  But this will not happen for at least another year.  I would have loved to see Rex as Head coach with Laser as OC.  The O is not broke.  It would only need tweaked with Wallace gone.  An O-lineman, a seam threat, a true #1 WR would suffice?  But what Rex could bring to the D would be worth a 2 year wait to see the overhaul.  Mr Ross has it all wrong again.  Coach Philbin can and will maintain this team as is for his tenure-  A competitive team that comes up short in the end.  But a D minded Coach like Rex with an innovative OC like Laser would achieve greater results and a run deep into the playoffs.  I AM CONVIENCED, THAT, we need a defensive minded Head Coach with an OC like Laser to turn the tide in Miami.  After all,  Shula was a DB and defensive minded.  The difference is that Shula new how to apply scheme to personnel.

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Dolphins 2014 Season

December 29, 2014 Leave a comment

I had the opportunity to go to the Dolphins Jets season finale.  What a game.  Our belived dolphins did not have a good ending to this game in the “Fish Bowl”.  However, Ithe defeat was overshadowed by my first visit to South Florida and Joe Robbie (Sun Life ) Stadium.  It was magical.  From # 26’s 97 yard run to the Jets fake punt that sealed our fate, the day was an exciting occasion for me and my youngest Son.  For this day defeat does not describe  the euphoria.  Yes reality will soon sink in.  Off-season woes, wonders and myths will fill the caldrons of my brain.  But for one day the outcome did not matter.  It was the experience that counted.

The Dan Marino Statue, The Don Shula Statue, The Ring of Honor, The pre game experience in the Grand Pavillion was worth the trip.  A win over the Jets would have been only Icing on the cake.  Star y-eyed and care free was our disposition.  Warm was the weather and Magical was the venue.

I hope one day all Dolphin Fans will get the opportunity to Fisrt experience the Phins in South Florida.

What a Day!

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2014 dolphins Moc Draft rounds 1-2

April 7, 2014 Leave a comment

The Dolphins can go several ways with the 19th overall selection. A lot has been said about Zack Martin and the desperation to take a OT with the fist pick. There is merit to this thought and it has been suggested by Dolphins owner Steve Ross several times this off season. Other critical areas on O are at OG, WR depth, TE/HB. The defense is in need too. The run defense was terrible last year and I think the inability to stop the run was the number 1 cause of our inability to get off the field on D. The secondary was ok and largely due to an ineffective front 7. The loss of Soliai was huge, or, was it?. Odrick and Starks, should be able to handle the middle and the other man signed ( I can not remember his name at the moment) should manage a nice 3 man rotation in the middle. The corner opposite Grimes is wide open. Cortland Finnergan better be on his game and Davis and Taylor better be able to step up and provide quality pay whether as a starter, nickle and dime player. The safety position is questionable too. Delmas is often injured and reckless and Rashad Jones has been nonexistent in Croyles Defense. That brings me to Inside Line Backer. The play in the Middle was horrible last season. Ellerby is an OLB and played out of position last year. Can Misi play inside or Wheeler or Jenkins? Misi would come the closest. I think we have a core of OLB’s. The front 4 is not stout enough to hold the run in this D. We need a MLB that can get off blocks and cover. So what is our most desperate positions that need upgrading:

OT, ILB, OG CB, WR(slot). I added WR due to Hartline’s propensity to injury and Gibson’s ACL injury. Yes the front offices says they will be ready, but, who knows. Injury takes its toll and we need depth to start the season at the very least.

So, what will the Phins do with number 19…..

I say they will take the BPA of need and it would be OL or ILB. There are several choices that should fall to them at 19 including guard, T and LB.
OT is said to be the strongest position in the draft and that leads me to either OG or ILB. All the Dolphins offseason signings on the OL, except Albert, have been for competition at the OG spot. Not to mention Brenner and Thomas on the team now. That’s 5 OGs on the roster.

Therefore, I am going against the norm and predicting, that, with the 19th overall pick the Miami Dolphins select:
Round 1… ILB C.J. Mosely Alabama.
If Miami covets an OT expect them to try and trade up. However, OL can be picked up in rounds 2 and 3. I think the OT talk is a smokescreen
for the ILB. If Mosely is Gone I would think BPA OL will be selected. The biggest gamble on Mosely is there may be a run on OTs in the 2nd
and Miami miss out or forced to try and trade up to get their guy. If they OL over ILB, then, select the BPA OL.

In the Second round I predict the Dolphins selecting:
Round 2… OT Antonio Richardson Tennessee
– By the time Miami gets to their 2nd pick it will be time to take the OT if not taken in Round 1. If the OT is selected at 19 they would
select BPA by most needed position OL or ILB.

Round 3… OG Cyril Richardson Baylor
Round 4… WR Jordan Mathews Vanderbilt
Round 5… RB Charles Sims West Virginia
Round 7… OT Wesley Johnson Vanderbilt

There is going to be a fierce OL battle in traing camp this summer. I wish I could be there to watch the battles. The D may have to deal with the cards currently dealt. If so we will need to control the ball and score more points to keep the D off the field in their bend but don’t break style. That is where the line and 3 down RB comes in. Moreno could be the 3 down back we need similar to Bush. If a Curtis Martin/ Marshal Faulk type back can be drafted, then, we might see him drafted in the 3rd with a BPA OG in the 4th and BPA the rest of the way. In any case I see us taking half our picks on the OL an ILB and the other 3 BPA at CB, Safety or WR in no particular order. We will see what happens May 8th.

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Dolphins 2014

March 17, 2014 4 comments

It’s been a while since I last marked on this board. 2013 was a wild ride and 2014 will be even wilder. I predict another 8-8 type season this year. Make no mistake The Fins are retooling. Retooling the team Coaching Staff and over all image. No we are not in a tailspin, rather, leveling off.

I liked the OC Hire and GM Hire. I think Hickey will bring in steady players through the Draft and continue to build OL depth in FA.

The new OC should bring the type of O we expected when Philbin took the stern. But there is much work to do on both sides of the ball.

Offense needs:
The phins need to find 2 starting guards a starting RT, 3 down TE and a 3 down RB. I am not as concerned with a FB due to Charles Clay. Clay can play the HB and motion to the slot for a third WR. A 2nd TE could be used in the backfield to complement the RB. They did that a couple of time last year with success, but, did not utilize the formation like they could have. That is what is so curious about the Coaching and how much was Phiblin in tune to the play calling and formations. If Philbin was involved or clueless, then, it will be a log season in 2014. If Philbin lets his staff make the calls and does not intervene, then, maybe there will be improvement. I am still not sold on our Head Coach and feel he is over his head on the field.

Defensive needs:
The Phins need help on all 3 levels of the D. I am stoked they resigned Starks and believe him to be the heart of our D. Still another DT/NT type needs to be added and a 3 down physical Middle Line Backer (C J Mosley at 19 please…)
Delmus and Finnegan may be ok at best. We need a shutdown corner opposite Grimes and Safety to offset Delmus inability to stay healthy.

I have no crystal ball, but, expect 2014 to be similar to the last 2. The silver lining is, that, if Philbin’s issues have been related to Ireland there seems to be chemistry among the ranks we have not seen in his tenure. We will know by the end of preseason if the changes will be positive or just another Season waiting on change in January. If it comes down to more change, hey, atleast we have the Jets to Hate on!

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Things to look for during OTA’s

May 14, 2013 1 comment

OTA’s are around the corner and a few things stick out in my mind as these practice sessions appoach…

Tannyhill’s progression and TEAM Chemistry.

This year Tannyhill is going to have to become the Leader of this TEAM on and off the field. He needs to be vocal and productive. Ryan should be the one who bests knows the Offensive scheme of anyone on the field. His time is now. I am not worried so much about timing with new receivers, as, I am with line calls, reads and quick decisions. A lot has been said about that last year, but, this year he has no excuses from a talent stand point. His progression as a Pro and Leader needs to show this year and early! By early I mean NOW!

There are a lot of new faces this year and Team Chemistry is a must. Chemistry consists of Personalities, habits, approach to learning, ability to learn not only systems, but, teammates tendencies within the system. Hopefully we have good character players with a propensity to “cease the day” and mold within the schemes and players around them. I would, also, like to see a mean streak develop in the trenches and on D. We have needed a little thuggery for a while. It will be interesting to see who emerges as the leader on D. Like Tannyhill a Defensive leader needs to emerge for players to rally around and feed off of their leadership and emotion.

What we have missed for a long time is strong leadership. The Dolphins have not had strong leadership on the sidelines since Shula; on offense since Marino; on Defense since Zack Thomas, in the front office since the Robbie’s. Good players without leaders are destined for mediocrity, but, even mediocre players with Strong leaders are destined for success (Think C. Penninton’s leadership). I believe we have strong leadership in Coaching and in the front Office with Ross(he wants success and is passionate about his team). However, if the leadership on the field does not emerge, then, the results win the W/L column will not reflect the talent we have on paper.

If I had to predict the outcome, I would predict Tannyhill’s progression as a player and as a leader will be evident, while, the defensive spark that will emerge will be Ellerby, the ball hawk will be R.Jones and the pressure cooker will be D. Jordan. If this prediction pans out we could be playoff bound in 2013!

TN Phin Fan

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Undrafted Free Agents

April 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Undrafted FA as of Sunday April 28, 2013. source National Football Post

Clay Belton, QB, Findlay
Chad Bumphis, WR, Mississippi State
Chris Burnette, DL, Old Dominion
Michael Clay, LB, Oregon –
Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union
Chris Denton, WR, Mount Union
A.J. Francis, DT, Maryland
Jordan Kovacs, S, Michigan
Cameron Marshall, RB, Arizona State
Rob McCabe, LB, Georgetown
Brandon Ogletree, LB, BYU
Taylor Stockemer, WR, Arkansas State
Keelan Johnson, S, Arizona State
Terrell Sinkfield, WR, Northern Iowa
Chris Barker, OG, Nevada
Sam Brenner, OG, Utah
Corey Broomfield, CB/S, Mississippi State
Peter Tuitupou, TE, SJSU
Pat Ward, OT, Northwestern
David Hinds, LB, FAU (Tryout)

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2013 Draft day 2

April 26, 2013 1 comment

We did not get Eifert, but, we got the highest rated DE in the draft! I never thought we would see that happen, but, am excited for our D.

Day 2 brings a lot of intrigue. Ireland and company are drafting to win. Anything can happen. There are a lot og good players that will be available at 54. The way Ireland has talked he will target BPA in the seconadary. But, if Demontre moore is there at 54 do not rule that pick out either. The Dolphins appear to have finally make the decision, that, the best way to beat the Pats is through pressure. I for one agree. The seconadry does not have to cover long if the D is in the QB’s face. Remember all those games with JT in Brady’s face? We did not win them all, but, it gave us a chance, even with mediocre teams. The additions offseason additions at LB and the draft of Jordan make it clear… pressure pressure pressure

So, going forward what will Miami do:

Pick 2. (54). BPA on draft board
– I do not think Miami has to go OL. I feel they can still get BPA at the skill positions and take care of OT in the 3rd.
– I personally Like the Safety position with our number 2.
– My sleeper pick for OT second day is Dallas Thomas of TN. He can play LOT or LOG. Did really good against SEC opponents.

As for the Brandon Albert trade, Miami would be better suited to talk to KC again after the draft and surrender next year’s picks and/or package players for the trade. I do not see KC taking a 3 and do not see value with a 2. If Miami does surrender more than our 1st 3, then, they do not feel comfortable with Martin at LOT and will be desperate. I think they feel pretty good about Martin because of all the moves they have made thus far. If not, then, they would have done something desperate by now at LOT.

BTW, I dig the new Uniforms and am getting acquainted with the logo. What I do not like is the stripe down the middle of the helmet and legs. It should have been Orange….

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